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  IDDD and staff want you to know, we will be bringing you the most up to date information as well as more pictures of the Eisenhower Doubled Dies you have seen to date, Breaking news events.

 IDDD in honer of the late John Bordner will continue the Hub, there will be a few changes, one would be the Hub will be sent through email, also can be viewed on the IDDD forum.

 With over 200 Dies with pictures both recorded and unrecorded with new dies and Re-punched Mint Marks found, In the last year alone we have put together 15 New Dies with more to come for the community.

 Thomas Kalantzis and Brian Vaile put together a few New finds.

 Coneca Listed and attributed by James Wiles on May 20th 2010 Listed as RDV-006, Die 6, DMR-009, LDS.

 New Prototype Ike Dollar with New Die Marriage, Found by John Roberts Attributer for Anacs, This coin will be sent out to Coneca James Wiles for a New attribution number, More info to follow.

 Brian Vaile has just Reported another Eisenhower RPM, Congratulations Brian, attributed by John Bordner as 1971 D/D WRPM-004, we will be adding to the Discovery coin section. 

 IDDD has Discovered a New working die that looks like the old reference WDDO-022 also same coin listed with Coneca DDO-006 but not the same die on May 1 2010, in VEDS a different DDR. 

 New Die Marriage for 1971 S Silver BS Ike, Coneca DDO-025 WHO-002 Die3 DMR-040 Reverse Die change at stage B.

 New Die Discovery, Coneca listed and attributed by James Wiles 1971 S Proof  DDO-027, The reversed was missed and picked up by IDDD, tripled class V. sent in by Calvin Goddard.